Sharei Ricketts
Richard Iron Cloud
Dean of Students
Dawn Marie Janis

High School Staff

Jay Jacobs, Counselor Ariel Lattanzi, Science Sundown Montileaux, Culture
Rochelle Iron Crow, Counselor Dan Snethan, Science Matilda Montileaux, Lakota
Daniela DeLa Torre, English Nellie Two Elk, Soc. Science Lisa Watkins, Home Liaison
Steven Garcis, English James McDonald, Soc. Science Lindsee Harris, Nurse
Marla Herman, English Leslie Cuny, Business/Econ Summer WWHorse, Nurse's Aide
Mark Hetzel, English Lyle Iron Horn, Art Amy Rodriquez, ISS
Heather Hinkle, Math Shonna Hunter, PE/Health  
Katherien Gaubert, Math Darrell Hunter, Carpentry  
Hem Rizal, Math Clifford Whiting, Auto Mech.  
Mike Larsen, Math/Science Glorianna Cordova, Odyssey  



Established in October, 2016, on the foundation of the existing alternative high school.

Funded through a U.S. Department of Education Native Youth Community Project Grant.

For non-traditional students, including students who have dropped out previously, students who spend time working from home, students in their fifth year of high school, et al.

Working to provide additional supports to students to bolster success: full-time counselor, “classes” on topics including parenting skills, dealing with grief and loss, and Lakota culture and tradition.

Opportunities for growth and development:

Looking for expanded facilities;

Working to conduct additional home visits;

Increasing access to counseling and mental health services;

Supporting dual enrollment at OLC; and

Targeted tutoring for math and language proficiency.

Four full-time staff supporting about 40 students with hopes to increase enrollment, over four years, to 80 students.



Extended School Principal - Vacant

A.J. Granelli - Teacher

Bobbi White
Counselor/Social Worker

Melvin Young Bear
Lakota Culture & Language Teaccher

Ted Phelps
Student Assistant